Quality control of coating thickness? Not a problem with our range!

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The Tommi Melon

Quality control of coating thickness - it's so easy !

Our family of coating thickness gauges makes quality control of coating thickness a breeze. Requiring no laborious and time-consuming calibration or adjustments for the different thickness ranges, the gauges can be placed on the ferrous or the non-ferrous substrates for immediate readings to be taken - the state-of-the-art instruments take care of the rest!

Further advantages of our range include the following:Contact Coating Thickness measurement

  • Ruby probes - to limit wear.

  • Robust casings suitable for rough environments.

  • Auto ON/OFF - saves battery life.

  • Optional memory facilities with PC interface for large jobs.

  • Auto ranging - no need to adjust the gauges for each range.

  • Unbeatable accuracy.

  • Large, easy-to-read liquid crystal displays.

  • Large range of interchangeable probes for some members of our family, such as the dual probe (used for both ferrous and non-ferrous substrates), the right angle probe (for measurements inside very thin pipes and on difficult curved surfaces) and the underwater probe (for the marine industry or to check for corrosion at offshore equipment or in tanks).