Advantages of a solution with SONOPIPE 12:

    • Easy retro-fit onto pipe walls even during operation.
    • No process interruption.
    • Permanent operational control and verification of sound coupling possible.
    • Permanent output signals available.
    • No sealing problems associated with having to perforate the pipe walls as for other measurement types.
    • Available as ATEX versions for hazardous environments.
    • Replaces mechanical pig detectors.
    • Non-contact, non-nuclear measurement type.
    • High safety factor, being mounted externally and having no parts protrude into the pipes.
    • Wear free sensors give low maintenance solutions.
    • Continuous monitoring without the disadvantages, such as leaks and pressure compromises, with methods making use of measurement techniques which require direct contact into the pipe cavity.
pig detection in feul transport pipes

Pig detection in fuel transport pipes

The ultrasonic sensor probes are retro-fitted onto the pipes in-situ and the pipes do not require to be perforated in any way. The sensor is mounted with tailor made fastening clamps. Using compact sensors with integrated sensor electronics leads to a very high interference resistance and allows for reliable operation in rough environments. sonopipe applicationThe pig signaler SONOPIPE 12 is used with pipelines for liquid products to detect the passage of pigs of the most varied types, such as spherical, foam and gel pigs.

The measurement is also independent of pigs specially equipped with magnetic systems. Typical applications for such sensors would be in pipelines conducting liquids, oils, liquid gases and water, with pipeline diameters from 200mm to 1520mm such as found in the petro-chemical industries. sonopipeBesides the relay output, which is available for process control, further outputs can drive signal lamps and sirens as optional equipment. In addition to signal analysis, the control parameters can also be set remotely using any PC or laptop with the specially developed software SONOVIEW.