• Measures Gamma/Beta & X-Ray Radiation
    • Range from 0,01 uSv/h to 1 mSv/h
    • Suitable for calibration.
    • Low cost.
    • Digital display in uSv/h or impulses/min.
    • Audible indication for normal operation as well as alarm conditions.
    • Programmable alarm threshold and zero-rate.
    • Powered by a 9 V battery for portability.




The RAYdector is a hand held personal dose rate-measuring gauge which is very easy to use. The alpha numeric display of this conveniently sized portable gauge gives the count rate in either impulses/minute or µSv/h. It has a range of 0.01 µSv/h to 1 mSv/h, and is suitable for calibration. The menu driven operation allows for the RAYdector to indicate in one of four display modes:

  • Display of measured impulses after start-up… I
  • Display of average impulses per minute… I/m
  • Display in µSv/h relevant to the last 100 impulses… µS
  • Display of the average µSv/h of all the measured cycles… µÆ

RAYdectorThe alarm threshold is programmed using the specific menu function dedicated to this feature and is available in a range of increments. The audible alarm and general alarm function are also enabled or disabled using this particular menu function.

Technical specifications

Type of probe:

Geiger Muller Counter Tube

Type of radiation:

Beta Rays from 0,02 MeV
Gamma Rays from 0,02 MeV

Measuring range:

from 0,01 µSv/h to 1 mSv/h ( 0,001 – 100 mR/h)