• Automatic determination of sound velocity of material. High accuracy of measurement even for small sample pieces.
  • User-friendly. Light-weight for portability. Small size. Large back-lit LCD display for legibility.
  • Battery capacity indication. Uses readily available alkaline batteries.
  • Auto-off to save on battery power.
  • Hard-wearing sensor head.
  • Plug-in sensors for ease of exchange.
  • The sensors are equipped with a 1.6 m long integrated cable.
  • Different sensors for specific applications.
ultrasonic thickness gauges UTGAlpha and UTGBeta

ultrasonic thickness gauges UTGAlpha and UTGBeta

For measuring steel and other metal, glass, ceramic and synthetic wall thicknesses with maximum performance in pocket-size format


The UTGAlpha is a user-friendly combination gauge for the non-destructive ultrasonic thickness measurement of steel, cast-iron, aluminium, glass, ceramic and synthetic wall thicknesses. The measuring range for steel is 0.8 to 225 mm. Special sensor heads with different diameters and different frequencies are available for different applications. All sensors are recognized automatically and calibrated.


The UTGBeta is a highly accurate non-destructive ultrasonic thickness gauge for steel only. The measuring range for this gauge is 1.2 to 200 mm. This gauge sports a high quality of craftsmanship and user-friendly ease of operation, and is delivered with the standard sensor and the mandatory instrument case.

UTG Alpha-BetaTechnical Specifications