Evanet provides solutions to engineering measurement problems presented by the manufacturing & processing industries.

Solutions include technology and applications for the measurement of moisture, thickness, environmental factors, nuclear & x-ray radiation & contamination, coating thickness, visual inspection systems using laser and white light for various applications, laser-displacement,-position & -distance, & non-contact measurements.

Our Industrial measurement solutions include:

  • Coating Thickness Quality control
  • Detection of interfaces between liquids in pressure tanks
  • Level control with ultrasonic detectors
  • Non-destructive recognition and identification of cracks on all ferromagnetic steels, iron materials and aluminium
  • Online water measurement in bio-ethanol
  • Pig detection in fuel transport pipes
  • Piston position detection in hydraulic cylinders
  • Portable digital non-destructive thickness gauges for steel and other metal, glass, ceramic, porcelain, plastic and synthetic wall thickness measurement
  • Portable level measurement
  • Sludge/Slurry density measurement
  • Wet/dry-detection for both non-hazardous and hazardous environments

Welcome to Evanet and Associated Technology!

Our specialities are measurement solutions for quality control purposes – the current world scenario demands an ever increasing consciousness regarding the quality of manufactured goods in order to effectively compete.

The concept of quality control demands exact knowledge of the manufacturing process which is to be gained by measuring important parameters and especially final control parameters, in order to detect problems when they occur rather than having to apply remedial actions.

The purpose then of these measurements is to reduce the quantity of raw materials used, to work within the range of specifications or to specifications and to ultimately to reduce the number of rejects produced in a world which is governed by ever increasing demands to cut costs without producing inferior products which would result in loss of clientele. We invite you to consider our measurement solutions for this purpose!

Evanet - measurement solutions for quality control purposes

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